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Giving Women Options & Saving Lives

How Many "Angels" Must We Send Back To Heaven?

Angels in Waiting (AIW) is a nonprofit, tax-exemptt, 501(c)(3) public charity created by Nurses who are addressing the needs of America‚Äôs medically fragile foster care infants and children. We would like to introduce you to the crucial and life saving work achieved through our cost effective, innovative nursing program. 

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Our Mission And Vision


Our Mission is to provide women more options and give potentially‚Äč viable fetuses a fighting chance at life.


 Due to recent advancements in neonatal intensive care science, many 24-week infants are showing a 75%+ survival rate and showing minimal to no developmental and physical delays. With your support, we can save many precious souls and reclaim countless childhoods. Will you please join us as we embark upon this noble endeavor in offering women more options and giving potentially viable fetuses a fighting chance?

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Our Team

Sammy Conforti

 Sammy's Bill

A 23.5 week survivor and the inspiration behind and creator of Sammy's Bill. 

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Linda Conforti

Founder of Angels In Waiting

Founder and CEO Of Angels In Waiting and a NICU Nurse 

for 33 years. 

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Jeanie Lee

COO of Angels In Waiting

The Chief Operating Officer of Angels in Waiting deeply inspired by the mission to serve the many women needing more options at such a crucial crossroads in their lives all while saving more  precious souls along the way! 

Melissa Post

Public Relations for Sammy's

Bill & Angels In Waiting