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Saving The Ones We Can By Providing Women More Options

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Sammy's Bill,

Who We Are

Angels in Wa​iting is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity of nurses, for two decades, we have recruited hundreds of nurses-foster parents and saved countless childhoods. We have created a California state law protecting our growing medically fragile foster care population. We have seen first hand numerous miracles that have occurred through the hearts and hands of our devoted nurses. Sammy, our founder's adopted son, a 23-week gestational age preemie, now 17 years of age, Sammy inspired our charity to help  create a new state law. A law that gives women more choices and helps protect potentially viable preemies that are about to be legally aborted under our California state law.

Sammy's Bill:

 We have embarked upon an inspired idea, offering women on the cusp of aborting their late-term pregnancy another option for their  potentially viable fetus . With the aid of our advancement in neonatal care and science, Sammy's Bill could easily provide women more options and potentially​ viable fetuses a fighting chance at life.

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Olive Crest

 Angels In Waiting A 501c3 

A Charity of Nurses

We have Created A California State Law & Are Now Helping Sammy With His State Bill to help Save The Ones We Can!

Sammy's Bill Will Provide Women A 3rd Option to Induce Labor via an Induction procedure all while giving Potentially Viable Fetuses A Fighting Chance At Life!

Giving Women Options AND Saving Babies

Sammy's Go Fund Me Account

Sammy's Bill 

Saving The Ones We Can By Providing Women More Options

It Is of Vital ImportanceTo Receive Your Unwavering Support To Get Sammy's Bill To Be Passed Into California State Law. 

Please Sign Our Petition &  The Letter of Support!   

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